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SIGHT is the culmination of a collaboration between Arabella Caccia (a painter and sculptor) and Deborah da Silva (photograher). This collaboration resulted in a dynamic process pushing the limits of both artists individual skills creating something new and fresh. The prints have then been printed by master printer Tony Meintjies, whose indepth knowledge of his particular field brought the work alive revealing all the subtleties of texture and shade in the work. Each is printed on rough Hahnemule etching paper in two sizes (153 x 112cm and 112 x 84cm), in editions of 8

The process through which the images were created involves the layering of drawing and photography through the use of photomontage, projection and collage. The process is at no point disguised and so juxtaposes the tactile / painterly quality of the drawings with the clarity of the photographed image. Through the process of layering, unlikely images are juxtaposed, merging the incongruous worlds of dreams and reality. The images stem from events that we see and experience in our everyday life, but which seem to evaporate into the mists of our rational minds. Figures and settings straddle the divide that exists between the two words and pose the quetions: what is the difference between them? Where does the one begin and the other end? The images have a timeless quality, which express the paradox that both reality and the imaginary exist in parallel, here each is accredited equal importance. This duality is in itself a reality.

The first 16 images were exhibited at the Everard Read Gallery in Cape Town in September 2010.